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Industrial water and process filtration equipment

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In the process of weaving regularly to join in spinning antistatic fiber and silk thread (warp or weft), so that the filter cloth has the function of anti-static. Mainly used for industrial explosive dust collection, prevent in the process of production from electrostatic and explosion dangerous. Also used for solid-liquid separation, used in some viscous liquid separation, is advantageous to the filter cake. Our factory usually use stainless steel anti-static wire or PP antistatic monofilament. Fabric can be customized according to customer's actual production situation.

About us
Founded in 2006,Shanghai Tianyuan Filter Cloth Co. ,Ltd (TIANYUAN ®) has been at the forefront of the development of new industrial filtration fabrics.
Our “Three One Product Policy ”, (One team, one loom, one item) ensures consistency in meeting precision standards. Tianyuan produces a wide range of filter fabrics from 50 GSM to 5000 GSM in a wide variety of fiber types. Among our customer base we are known for our superb service and responsiveness.
Application field
Our products are widely used in different markets and fields. Tianyuan with deep expertise and experience to meet your liquid / solid / gas filtration requirements. Part of the list of industries we serve includes: Mining and mineral processing, coal industry, chemical, pigments and dyes, food, medicine, power plant, steel and non-ferrous metal processing, foundry, waste incineration, cement, asphalt, municipal water treatment and sewage treatment and so on.
Regardless of your application in what area filter, if you are looking for filtration products, and professional knowledge of the filtering of assistance, you can safely delivered to us, we will use the most sincere smile and professional attitude to help you until you are satisfied.
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